Bcosy Wood Briquettes Technical InfoBag of Briquettes








  • 100% Guaranteed Irish made product
  • 100% Eco Friendly
  • Wood Briquettes have been developed as an alternative fuel to coal and peat briquettes to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Free from all additives

The Product

  • Manufactured from clean hardwood and softwood sawdust, woodchip and oil seed rape straw
  • Long lasting burning time
  • Clean to handle
  • No spark or split
  • Easy to carry
  • Classified as a smokeless fuel
  • Renewable energy source


  • Can be burned in stoves, fireplaces and open grates


  • Available all year round

Test Evidence

  • Scientific testing conducted by Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Calorific Value 16.2 (MJ/kg)
  • Ash content 0.7% dry weight


  • Each 10g pack (approx. weight) contain 12 briquette are shrink wrapped and banded for handling purposes
  • 105 packs in a bale (approx. weight 1.050kg) stacked on a wooden pallet
  •  6 pack and 10 pack convenient paper bags also available


  • Store in a dry well ventilated area.